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Family Tree Central can find your ancestors wedding certificates and parish records
Family Tree Central excels at finding long lost parts of your family tree
Family Tree Central with just the bare minimum of facts can find out who your relatives are

Family Tree Central offers a thorough, efficient and affordable genealogy research service to assist you in discovering your British family history and growing your family tree. We adopt a methodical and meticulous approach to our research, ensuring you receive quality results that are as accurate as possible. We have over 20 years experience in UK family history research, with extensive knowledge of English, Welsh and Scottish on-line records, regional record offices and National Archives.

Our premium service is available to anybody in the world who has or may have UK roots and wishes to find their British ancestors.

Want to find out where you came from and if you have someone famous in the family?

We can assist you by:

  • Breaking down that frustrating British family history brickwall.
  • Researching your British family history from scratch.
  • Filling in your genealogical gaps.
  • Adding to or extending your family tree branches.
  • Conducting one-name research.
  • Visiting and photographing graves, monuments, residences and other places that are relevant to your family history.
  • Contact Us to ask Family Tree Central to assist you with your specifc dilemma.

Research Services:

  • Birth, marriage and death certificates found and provided.
  • Birth, marriage and death information from parish records.
  • 1841 to 1911 Census sheets supplied.
  • Wills and probate research conducted.
  • Military service records searched and provided, if available.
  • Directories and Poll Books searched.
  • Court and criminal records searched.
  • School and hospital registers examined.
  • Immigration lists researched.
  • Photographs taken of places and locations relevant to your family tree.
  • Printed pictorial family tree service available.
  • Contact Us with your specific research query.

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